Born:                   Noel Mwaniki
Stage Name:       DJ Noel
General Genre:   Urban Christian Music

Noel's Journey to disk jockeying spins way back to 1997 as a kid the first time he got a radio set. His greatest inspiration to music was then triggered by the Hip Hop, Rock & Caribbean Reggae wave of the time that was finding its way into the Kenyan scene.

Like most djs, his break through to djiing came in when he joined Moi University. Noel started spinning in small friends' house parties, making mix tapes for friends using the Virtual DJ software, then later joined Oasis Multimedia where he got his first hand experience with Pioneer Cdjs. Tutored in 2011 by DJ Rough Idea of now Scratch Extreme and later learning the trade from DJ One, he started a serious  djiing career year 2012.

Noel, now a part time dj pursues a solo career. He has featured in several mainstream & Corporate events, Road shows, Online radio shows, Clubs.